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Nobody plans to fracture a bone, get a laceration, or have a heart attack. When such emergencies occur while travelling, a bad situation is even worse. Our medical providers are "prepared for the unexpected" and able to provide comprehensive emergency medical care at the moment it is needed.

  • Prepare

    Having the knowledge and capability to provide life-saving treatment at a moment’s notice requires years of preparation. We obtain this level of preparation by only selecting the best subspecialized Emergency Medicine and EMS physicians for deployment. Highly competitive Medical Schools were only the beginning for these doctors. Additional years of Residency training, Fellowship training and proven real life experience are required. Often our providers have experience working with dignitaries or high net worth individuals. While all medical providers understand the need for confidentiality, our providers must use even greater levels of discretion. Furthermore, your typical physician doesn’t need to work closely with security details or in potentially tactical or austere environments. Only with this level of preparation can we be sure that our clients are going to receive the immediate medical management that RESQMD is all about.

  • Pre-Game

    The RESQMD process begins well before the medical team is deployed. Once the itinerary is set, our team uses RESQMD resources and contacts to develop a unique and comprehensive Incident Action Plan (IAP). The IAP is a detailed document that serves to anticipate and identify any potential hazards, as well as prepare for the unexpected. The IAP takes into consideration the weather patterns, local toxic flora, hazardous fauna, terrorism threats, and everything in between. It includes contingencies for common and uncommon emergencies, and plans for interactions with local medical resources if needed at every part of the journey. Not only where the closest definitive treatment will be, but by what means to transport the patient. Pre- deployment sessions are held to brief the deploying medical providers on the entire event, review equipment, and various scenarios are drilled to ensure that unanticipated medical emergencies can be expertly managed.

  • Deploy

    The first day of operations begin. Making trips safe and ‘uneventful’ requires an active process. There is no downtime. Our providers will constantly anticipate risks and act to eliminate them. The medical providers are ready to act at a moment’s notice. The IAP is continually reviewed and even updated during deployment as plans change or risks identified. During deployment, the client is not only getting onsite medical capabilities, but also the 24/7 operational support by the RESQMD offices.

  • Debrief

    At the end of the deployment, the RESQMD team completes an After Action Report (AAR) for the client that details any incident and subsequent management. The AAR ensures an appropriate hand-off of issues for seamless continuity of care. Additionally the AAR allows for client specific fine tuning of the entire process for the next deployment.

Our Mission

To provide immediate vital on-scene emergency medical support to clients, their families and support staff, during domestic and international travel, or in other resource limited environments.


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