International relations often require face-to-face meetings in distant locations. The RESQMD physician team members are vetted and have appropriate credentials. They will assist Governments and law enforcement to meet their responsibility of supporting the health and safety of their traveling representatives.

RESQMD provides medical support for dignitaries and Government representatives when traveling domestically or internationally. The physician team is prepared to handle all chronic and acute medical conditions, as well as coordinate with local healthcare resources as needed. RESQMD physicians have specialized training in emergency medicine including the management of chemical, biological, radiologic, nuclear, and explosive terrorist events. RESQMD physician teams have training in the security issues inherent in Government sponsored and tactical international travel, and coordinate with US DOD and other agency representatives as required, thereby bridging the gap between medical, tactical, and public safety.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide immediate vital on-scene emergency medical support to clients, their families and support staff, during domestic and international travel, or in other resource limited environments.